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Weekly Fintech Tips
This week, John gives tips on the right time and the right way to start a data governance committee.
This week, John gives tips on how what to watch for to keep your systems safe from hackers.
John this week as he explains why your security group is quick to say no with some tips to get them to say yes.
If your employees aren’t using your digital products and thinking about your digital presence, you have lost before you started.
In this week's FinTech Tip, John Best explains Phase 2 Syndrome, how to know if your organization has it, and what to do to fix it.
Join John on this week's FinTech Tip as he explains why identity is strategic high ground for your organization.
The future of your Bank or Credit Union will depend on reducing margins, finding new forms of business and creating value from Data. Each of these dependencies can be solved with a platform.
Weekly FinTech Tip: Take this quiz to find out where you and your organization falls on the Failure Tolerance Index and what that means to you.
Many financial institutions have very little tolerance for failure, but failure is PART OF SUCCESS!
Your Success in Artificial Intelligence Will Depend on Your Mastery of Data Analytics
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Weekly Fintech Tip
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