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Oct 10, 2018
In my last two blogs, I described why credit unions should dominate their competition and local retail markets and why growth for growth’s sake will get them to the promised land.
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Sep 30, 2017
Members are the driving force behind all your credit union’s activities, and that’s understandable. Not only does your business strategy focus foremost on fulfilling their needs, but with directors who are members it’s a given that member interests will be top of the priority list.
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Apr 05, 2017
It’s a fundamental premise of the credit union movement, and one that received plenty of attention at CUNA’s annual Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington DC this February. There was no shortage of examples of community engagement, financial literacy efforts, and chartable initiatives on both the grassroots and national levels. Make that international - I challenge anyone to listen to Derreck Kayongo’s tale of founding the Global Soap Project to save lives and advance education in Afri...
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