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2018 AXFI Conference: Big Ideas, Big Data, And Big Fun

There’s a reason that in just five short years the AXFI Conference has grown from less than 50 attendees to more than 250: it delivers insights that offer real value to all levels of credit union management, C-Level, VPs, managers, and tech staff.


Promising big ideas, big data, and big fun, this year’s AXFI Conference takes place from June 10th through the 13th at a new location, the Radisson Blue MOA Minneapolis. Speakers will include Best Innovation Group’s own John Best and Elizabeth Robins, as well as experts and executives from the tech, business development, and credit union industries. Rhonda Sheets, Founder, President and CEO, of Support EXP will be the keynote speaker.

Focus On Credit Union Education And Insight

As it’s full name suggests, the Analytics and Financial Innovation Conference focuses on credit union data analytics. Those who attend the conference leave with a much better understanding of the data and analytics trends that are having the greatest impact on credit unions. And through special sessions like the Killer Fintech Speed Rounds, they learn which steps they can immediately take to better position themselves to compete in a rapidly changing financial services environment.

More than 20 speakers will take to the stage to provide attendees from over 70 credit unions in 35 states and 4 countries with real-world, actionable takeaways. Known for its collaborative, energetic atmosphere, the conference offers anyone in the credit union industry the opportunity to network and learn from their peers and respected experts how to leverage credit union data analytics to build their businesses.

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