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CAP COM FCU Secures Strategic Growth Consulting Services From Best Innovation Group’s Consulting Division

Tampa, FL. (December 10, 2019) Best Innovation Group’s (BIG) Consulting division is pleased to announce the signing of our newest client, CAP COM FCU. CAP COM has retained BIG Consulting to provide 1 year of strategic advisory services.

CAP COM’s Chief Executive Officer, Chris McKenna, is looking forward to partnering with the industry’s leading provider of high-performance consulting services as CAP COM prepares to embark on an aggressive growth strategy. “BIG Consulting has decades of experience in operating credit unions, implementing aggressive growth strategies, and aligning organizations to perform at their highest levels. BIG has demonstrated experience and value in helping credit unions double their size in short periods of time while emphasizing member value and a business discipline”


BIG Consulting provides a year-long strategic design and facilitation service which helps each credit union client create a unique strategic center of gravity. This strategic goal is designed to create action, urgency, change, learning, alignment, financial performance, a unique member value proposition, and management, not avoidance, of risks for clients. BIG has successfully implemented this strategy with credit unions of all sizes. 

BIG Consulting Managing Partner, Kirk Kordeleski, notes that the credit union industry is operating in a time of extraordinary disruption and unbounded opportunity. “Credit unions face a new world of digital banking where the competition is made up of the largest banks, neo/direct banks, an immense number of FinTech’s and credit unions with expanded charters. BIG has partnered with several leading credit unions to create and implement a comprehensive and aligned strategy with a clear growth plan. We review everything within the credit union’s current strategy and plans. We help the client establish goals that will push their organization to constantly improve and that drive a winning member value proposition. Once the goals are designed, we work with the credit union to align every aspect of their business to create unparalleled success”

BIG Consulting provides insightful leadership, strategic research, roadmaps and project management for aggressive planning and implementation. We uniquely understand credit unions and how they must change in order to compete, and win, in today’s markets.

For additional information contact Kirk Kordeleski at or 516-528-5057.


About BIG 


Founded in 2014, Best Innovation Group (BIG) was created to provide clients with the resources to quickly implement digital solutions and adopt cutting-edge technologies. BIG provides research and development in areas including voice banking, distributed ledger and machine learning. BIG’s Consulting division offers a wide array of strategic consulting services to help credit unions grow and dominate in their markets. For more information, visit:





CAP COM Federal Credit Union is a member-owned financial institution based in New York’s Capital Region with more than $1.8 billion in assets and 11 branch locations. The credit union is member-driven and focused on superior service, convenient products and competitive rates that help members save money and make life easier. CAP COM offers all the products and services you’d find at a typical financial institution. Visit to find out more. Federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. Equal Housing Lender. 


Contact: Kirk Kordeleski Company: BIG Consulting Phone No.: 516-528-5057




Chris McKenna, Chief Executive Officer


Kirk Kordeleski, Managing Partner 

Best Innovation Group Consulting

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